McDermott’s 2 Hours v Levellers: Disorder

Brighton based McDermotts Two Hours are 80’s UK folk rock legends and also one of the most influential bands on the scene – so influential infact that The Levellers are constantly tipping their hats collectively in McDermotts direction. During the 90’s the band went on hiatus but in 2000 Levellers bass player Jeremy Cunningham persuaded McDermott’s signer Nick Burbridge to start recording again under the McDermotts Two Hours moniker. Joining Nick was fellow McDermott, fiddler Tim O’Leary and Levellers, Jeremy Cunningham and Charlie Heather (drums).

Disorder is the third collaborative with members of The Levellers (though the first I’ve heard) and it’s a very polished and passionate effort, the music is solid Celtic influenced folk-rock with a distinctly English (I don’t meant that in a bad way at all, The Levellers defined the English folk-rock sound and McDermotts defined the sound of The Levellers) fokie feel. The lyrics are very political yet never preachy though always thought provoking. Good stuff

November 2004

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