Lecker Sachen: Universum d’Amour

The third release by this German outfit reveals some of the most innovative advances in modern Celtic music. Combining the pop and hip-hop foundation of their first album and the sophisticated acoustic arrangements of RAUS, their second effort, UNIVERSUM is the logical next step for front man Markus Brachtendorf. Sung exclusively in German, Lecker Sachen rivals the sampling and techno efforts of such groundreaking Celtic artists as Tartan Amoebas, Paul Mounsey, Shooglenifty and Slainte Mhath. And as is the case with those bands, Lecker Sachen shines when they allow the folk instruments like banjo, fiddle and wood flute to be heard above the programming. The non-German speaking among us may gravitate toward instrumentals like “Schnelle Melodie” and “Fabrik Melancholique,” two outstanding selections driven impeccably by their inherent folk melodies but accentuated creatively by peculiar rhythms and effects and boldly supplemented by the neo-classicist Gangsta String Trio. An exceptionally artistic effort, this album provides mood music for both the background and foreground in an unconventional yet appealing manner.

February 2005

Dave Sleger

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