JD and the Longfellows: Confessions

I’ll be honest I had to Google Duncan Goodhew to figure out who the hell JD was singing about at first, but damn that is quite the resemblance, which I could relate to. Many years ago when I was fit and took care of myself, people used to say I looked like Ed Norton in American History X (more like the fat skin I’m thinking – editor) . I have a great tale about that, but that’s for another day we are here to talk about this latest in music which I can’t categorize. The lines of what’s what genre of music blurs more and more, which I like because it confuses a lot of folks.

The cover confuses me because it doesn’t really look as the music feels; it seems like a guy running from a bad situation to an even worse one, naked. Kind of doom and gloom if you will. But the music inside is anything but, it is mostly lighthearted drinking music and songs that tell great tales. This is all wrapped together by some of the best music to come off that little island empire in a while.

This isn’t just the best damned drinking album of the year; it’s the best damned CD to play before you go out drinking to pump yourself up album of the year! That is just as good if not better, if you want to pump yourself up for say a great night of tying one on with your best mates, or feel like you want to pick yourself up because your drinking by yourself again you lonely bastard, this is the CD for all of you. I guess putting this in with the drinking music group is going to really discredit the unbelievable talent these musicians present. Drinking bands usually sound great while your drinking, but any studio album they do is not as great. JD and the Longfellow’s blow that stereotype right out of the water, they sound so good on this CD I want them to chart on Billboard and win Grammy’s!

Are there any reasons why you shouldn’t buy this CD? Any little quibbles as to why you should hold on to you’re measly little 14 bucks instead of buying this masterpiece? Not a one especially with the service CD Baby gives you. One of my favorite CD’s of the year for sure.


The Rover


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