Enter the Haggis: Casualties of Retail

Like much of the folk-rock emanating from Canada, Enter the Haggis combines a smorgasbord of influences like country, bluegrass, Scottish folk and alternative rock. This is their fourth release and most assuredly won’t disappoint their growing legions of North American fans. Similar in sound to Slainte Mhath, Enter the Haggis incorporates a heavier electric guitar and bass than their compatriots. In fact, at times their aggressive electric vibe brings to mind what Muse might sound like if they included folk instruments. Listen to “Gasoline” and “Martha Stuart” for insight into this outrageous analogy. “Minstrel Boy” will likely appeal to folk-punkers given its fuzzy, distorted rhythm guitar. More importantly Enter the Haggis should satisfy both alternative and mainstream Celtic-rockers alike as it forwards elements from across the Celtic-rock spectrum. CASUALTIES OF RETAIL is definitely one of the finest and most interesting releases of 2004.

November 2004

Review By: Dave Sleger

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