The Woods Band: Music From The Four Corners Of Hell

In a single word, refreshing. In two words, very refreshing. “Music From The Four Corners Of Hell” is an album that can be played anywhere at anytime and it’s going to be appropriate. It’s an album for everybody. Young, or old, it doesn’t matter. It’s an album you don’t want to leave at your folks house, cause they might steal it, and never give it back. It’s an album you can take down to your local pub, slap it into the house stereo and watch everyone look up with observant eyes and ask in unison, “Who is this?” Well it’s Music from the Four Corners of Hell!

In Dublin, around the turn of the century, The Four Corners Of Hell was the nickname of Golden Lane, an area known for its pubs, drinking and brawling. (sounds good to me!)

Musically speaking, Music From The Four Corners lies somewhere next to The Dubliners, The Pogues, & Sweeney’s Men, (Go figure, out of the three bands I mention, Terry Woods has been in two) The Woods Band delivers the perfect combination of Folk & Rock. (As well it should, Terry’s been at it for decades.) Out of the 12 tracks of this album, 6 of them are outstanding traditionals such as:

Finnegan’s Wake
The Spanish Lady
As I Roved Outbr> Terenece’s Farewell
Leave Her, Johnny Leave Her
The Dublin Jack of All Trades (with Ronnie Drew on Vocals)

Terry’s old Pogues band mate Spider Stacey shares the songwriting duties on “Love On Tillery”. It’s impossible to name a favorite, but the Ewan McColl number, “The Travellin’ People” might take a medal. I HIGHLY recommend this album to anyone interested in hearing one of the biggest influences this genre of music has. Because Mr. Terry Woods has been involved with just about everything.

by the way, anyone interested should also look out for the 1971 Woods Band Debut album.

December 2003

Review By “Barstool” Brian Gillespie

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