The Street Dogs: Back To The World

Like a blast of fresh air over that steaming pile of shit some people like to call the music industry, The Street Dogs are welcomed like an animal lover with a fenced yard, walking into the pound with a smile on their face. This has to be the greatest way to start off the new year! Hell, I was still shaking off the cobwebs of New Year’s Eve, when I stumbled down to the mailbox, and opened up a package containing The new Street Dogs album. I guess you could say I was caught odd guard. (You should have heard how loud I barked “Holy Shit” when I saw the album!) Speaking of being caught off guard, that could explain my reaction when I first heard the early demos that eventually became “Savin Hill.” All I could say for the rest of the day was “McColgan’s Back!!!”

When The Street Dogs came to town last fall, I was more prepared. It was their first time coming to Portland. Playing moments after Boston won the World Series, The Street Dogs were in high spirits, and it showed. (Hell, after the Briggs played, there was about a 45 minute break between bands… We were all downstairs in the bar, watching the game on the big screen!) I never got around to writing a concert review of that gig. (The Briggs, Street Dogs, Flogging Molly) I think I was too busy listening to “Savin Hill”… The greatest record of 2003.

Well guess what, “Back To The World” is even better!

Sticking to the same formula as their previous efforts. “Back To The World” covers all the important subjects. Sounding more polished than ever, The Street Dogs have once again, lit the fuse and blew the God-Damned roof off.

Here’s a quick teaser, until the album hits stores Jan. 25th.

1. Strike A Blow:
An assult on the current state of music. A song about bringing new life to the radio.

2. You Alone:
A song dedicated to Greg Riley A.K.A. Chickenman.

3. In Defense Of Dorchester:
Hometown pride. You can hear this one on The Street Dogs website. One of my favorites.

4. Back To The World:
Obviously the title track, “Back To The World” is a soldiers tale about the current mess in the Middle East, wishing he could get back to his wife, & kids. This one really hits home.

5. Tale Of Mass Deception:
After telling us a tale about a soldier’s story in the previous track, The Street Dogs blast our current so-called “leaders”.With a bit of the accordian mixed in for good measure, “Tale Of Mass Deception” starts out like this: “An elaborate con on the common man,
Propelled by your massive media plan.
And I can see your hostile takeover, greed and your lies.
Turning what I love, into what I despise.”
(You can also hear this one on The Street Dogs website)

6. Drink Tonight:
After the last couple of songs, it’s time to take a break and have a drink or two. “Drink Tonight” is obviously a drinkin’ song, a very good drinking song. Turn up the volume to 11, and hold on, it’s the hardest hitting track on the record!

7. Stagger:
A song about a crusty old WWII Vet sitting at the end of the bar, bitter & drunk. I can almost picture this guy.

8. White Collar Fraud:
Ever worked in an office (Or anywhere for that matter!) with a backstabbing asshole who sucks up to the boss, and does anything they possibly can to get ahead. Well, this is a song about that guy. (I hate that guy…)

9. Patrick:
Remember that guy in school that aced every test with ease, and had the whole world in the palm of his hand, only to blow it on drugs, drinking, and general fast lane living? Well, this is a song about that guy.

10. Pull The Pin:
I very well could have missed the entire point, but what I got outta this one was it’s about a guy at the end of his rope with a gernade, and he’s about to pull the pin.(Or something to that effect.)

11. Hands Down:
A real man doesn’t strike a woman. It’s about keeping your hands down, and talking about it peacefully. A real man doesn’t beat his wife. No matter what!

12. Union & The Law:
What’s wrong with being treated fairly? You knew it was coming eventually, this is a Pro-Union song giving a voice for the working man. “Union & The Law” is about exposing the current problems with “company downsizing.”

Holy shit, 3 days into 2005, and I have already heard the best album of the year! The Street Dogs will be touring this winter with Social Distortion. I’m sure you all will have tickets.

November 2014

Review by: Brian Gillespie

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