The Porters: A Tribute to Arthur Guinness

The Germans are a very different bunch of people to the Irish; their trains run on time (the Irish trains don’t), they make excellent automobiles (the Irish don’t make any). Jeeze, the even like to pay their taxes (and on time). Yet Irish culture has always gone down a storm in Germany. Every town has at least one Irish pub; the Dubliners were near superstars; the Pogues were huge, I can name six Pogues-ish German bands of the top of my head. So it’s no surprise to now hear Germanys answer to the Dropkick Murphys, The Porters.

Think the Business covering the Dubliners greatest hits with just a touch of a Klaus Meine on the vocals. 16 Traditional covers in all (I’ll Tell me Ma / Galway Bay / Sam Hall / The Leaving of Liverpool / The Button Pusher / Weile Waila / The Green Fields of France / A Jar of Porter / Irish Soldier Laddie / The Molly McGuires / Whiskey on a Sunday / Danny Farrell / Off to Dublin in the Green / Four Green Fields / The Leaving of Liverpool (pub version) / The Rising of The Moon.) Definitely for those of you who loved the DKM’s version of “Finnegans Wake” and “Rocky Road to Dublin”. Only a 1,000 of these suckers made so you might want to move fast.

February 2003

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