The Peelers: Liquordale

Somewhere on this Web site is a review of the first show where I ever saw the Peelers at the Celtic Ray in Punta Gorda. My only criticism of the band at the time was that they had a dearth of original material — their debut CD “Boots and Suits” contained only one original song. With their new CD “Liquordale” featuring 11 songs, including eight new originals, that’s less of a problem now.

“Liquordale” is in many ways the band’s real debut CD, and it’s a very good one. Starting with the slow ballad “Sweet Mary of the Bog” and seamlessly slipping into the much faster “The Glen Will Rise Again” and “Katie, Bar The Door”, you can see what the boys from Glengarry County are capable of. If you wanted to see how the band has grown musically, you could compare the version of “Meet You At The Bottom of a Bottle” on this release with that on “Boots and Suits”. It’s the same song (obviously), but is a richer sound.

The songwriting is very good too — one complaint of mine about some bands in the Celtic punk/rock genre, even some bands I enjoy. A previous review of “Boots and Suits” on this site said that the Peelers were a band to keep an eye on. Their new CD puts a little more urgency to that suggestion.

July 2004

Review by Rob “Hurricanes suck ass” Shore

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