The Peelers: Boots And Suits

“The Peelers are my favorite band in Canada!”- Fintan McConnell, The Mahones

On the eve of the 21st century, in a cold-ass farmhouse kitchen in Glengarry County, Ontario, four drunken Canucks decided to start the biggest, baddest celtic band in the country. And they sure sound pretty close! For the past three years they have torn up the pubs, and clubs, all across Ontario, and Quebec. Filling them up with packed crowds night, after night, opening up for The Mahones, and The Sons Of Maxwell, and so on. They even had a two-year stint headlining The Glengarry Highland Games, estimated to be the biggest, baddest, highland games in the world. After recently adding a fiddler, and a mandolin player, The Peelers are here to stay folks. So get yer drink on and dive into The Peelers Guinness-pit!

The album “Boots And Suits” is just something to throw out to the demanding public to keep them satisfied until the full-length album comes out. I’ll tell you, if this is just something to throw out there, I can’t wait to hear what the full album sounds like!! By the time you read this, the full-length album should be out. (Spring 2003) So you’re gonna have to save up yer pennies/shillings for TWO albums!! “Boots And Suits” contains 8 smokin’ tracks of that rumbustious Irish folk-rock-punk revival sound also known as The Peelers.

“Blond With a Black Skirt Medley”
“Tim Finnegan’s Wake”
“Jesse James”
“Irish Rover” featuring Ol’ Jimmy, from Siobhan (the band, not the woman)
The great sounding original “I’ll Meet You at the Bottom (of a Bottle)”
“Repeal of The Licensing Laws/Battle Of Brisbane”
“Fields of Atherny”
“The Martintown Song”

The Peelers are one of those bands to keep an eye on. So in the meantime keep your eye on this.  New Album should be out this Spring!

February 2003

Review by Brian Gillespie

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