The Kissers: On A Monday Night (Promotional CDR)

As you can see by the name, these guys enjoy The Pogues. The Kissers, who call that funky college town Madison Wisconsin home, recorded a live album at O’kayz Corral.(a local pub that recently burned down.) Containing 14 tracks (11 originals, 2 Traditional, and a cover of “The Auld Triangle”), the album leans heavy on the Celtic Rock side of things, and generally sounds like everyone involved had a great time. The album has been around awhile,(2001) I just never reviewed it because…Well, let’s just say I lost the CD for a while!! After digging though random shite around the house, I found it, fired up the CD player and gave it a listen. When half of the band have music majors from the University of Wisconsin, you know those Madison locals are having a blast up there in Cheeseland. Just try not to burn down any pubs guys! The band is currently finishing up on a new studio album, so if you have an idea for a name, send it to the band.

May 2003

Review By Brian “Not Another Nickname” Gillespie

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