The Fenians: Every Day’s A Hooley

I’m going to go out on a limb here, after spending a couple of weeks listening to the forthcoming CD from Orange County’s (of all places) The Fenians. I think I can claim with confidence these guy’s are not just as they claim “Southern California’s finest traditional/contemporary Irish band”, but the finest in all North America.

The music is high energy, traditional Irish with a whole slew of other influences (classic rock, reggae, funk, calypso and lots of cool sax – must be the SoCal influence), falling somewhere between the more traditional Woods Band and the Jig Punk (© The Prodigals) of The Prodigals. Production is top notch, the vocals perfect and the band as tight as the proverbial ducks arse. The songs are the right mix of traditional, contemporary traditional and originals that will bring a smile to your face (Bakers Dozen), a tear to your eye (Grace) and wet your lips for another glass of Paddy (Token Whiskey Song). Check out “From Clare to here” with its laid back saxophone and “Every day’s a hooley” with its reggae undertones.

December 2003

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