The Electrics: Irish Invasion

This 2001 compilation revisits two of the Electrics earlier and more obscure efforts — their second release BIG SILENT WORLD (1993) and their follow-up THE WHOLE SHEBANG (1995). While it would seem to be a laudatory effort to unearth these forgotten songs, this, frankly, is a hastily conceived compilation with little consideration given to the quality of song. For instance, of the 12 tracks contained here a whopping eight were culled from the less polished, more pedestrian sounding BIG SILENT WORLD, while a mere four were taken from what might still be their finest effort, the Buddy Miller produced, THE WHOLE SHEBANG. Furthermore, it’s practically criminal to think that perhaps their greatest, most rollicking song “Killicrankie” (from SHEBANG) was omitted. Thankfully Pila Music included their rendition of the Violent Femmes “Oh My (Jesus Walking on the Water).” Still, if you’re vaguely familiar with the Electrics but haven’t heard their early material, this collection serves as a suitable (but not ideal) introduction to their formative period when their development from album to album was quite evident.

March 2004

Review By Dave Sleger

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