Shane MacGowan and the Popes: Rare Oul’ Stuff

I’m doing something really unethical with this review, I haven’t actually listened to the CD but that’s the problem – I don’t have to. ‘Rare Oul’ Stuff’ is a quick cash in from Shane’s old label ZTT who never really did too much for his career anyway (anyone remember trying to get a copy of “Crock of Gold” stateside). Basically it’s a mish mash of tracks from “The Snake” and “Crock of Gold” plus a couple of b-sides and EP tracks which most Shane fans will already own or at least have downloaded from Napster.

Track listing is:
1. You’re The One
2. The Song With No Name
3. Nancy Whiskey
4. Roddy McCorley
5. Rock N Roll Paddy
6. Christmas Lullaby
7. Danny Boy
8. Minstrel Boy
9. Rake At The Gates Of Hell
10. Victoria
11. Donegal Express
12. Ceildh Cowboy
13. Paddy Rolling Stone
14. Paddy Public Enemy 1
15. Back In The County Hell
16. The Snake With Eyes Of Garnet
17. Cracklin Rosie
18. Aisling
19. Spanish Lady
20. Come To The Bower
21. St John Of Gods

Nothing particularly rare or even oul’ about this and only recommended to the must have everything fan (the cover at least looks pretty neat).

December 2001

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