Scott M.X. Turner & The Devil’s Advocates /The United 32’s: Snipers in Derelict Houses

“Snipers in Derelict Houses” is a benefit CD for the Pat Finucane Center a civil rights watchdog in Ireland from two of political punkster Scott M.X. Tuners musical projects. The first of those bands being the supercharged Celtic Punk band, The Devil Advocates and the other is Scott’s acoustic/trad group The United 32’s. The CD is a nice contrast of rocking, in your face Punk with heavy Irish overtones offset against The United 32s traditional sounds. Snipers… is possibly the most political CD ever to touch on “The Troubles” and that includes everything the Wolfe Tones ever did, almost a musical version of the CAIN project if you can imagine that. Highlights include the beautiful, “Days of Heaven’, the spoken word art rock of “British Architecture in Ireland”, the cover of the Pogues “Young Ned of the Hill’ with it’s reggae undertones and the explosive cover of Phil Coulters “The Town That I Loved So Well”.

May 2003

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