Runnin’ Riot: Monks Not Dead

“Monk’s Not Dead” is the follow up EP to Belfast Oi-sters very excellent first CD “Reclaim the Streets” which set a new standard for Irish punk and arguably came very close to the sheer brilliance of SLF’s “Inflammable Material”.

Unfortunately of the 5 originals on “Monks’..” only one “PTA” comes close to the standards set by “Alcoholic Heros” or “Judge, Jury and Executioner”. Sure the music is still as hard as a crack over the head from a RUC baton but with the quality of songs lacking I doubt I’ll be wearing out this EP like I did with the first release.

The covers are GG Allen’s, “KTP”, which I suppose you can still get away with if you’re from Belfast. A version of those SMF’s Twisted Sisters “(Oi) We’re Not going To Take It”, that will crack Dee Sniders makeup foundation. “Runnin Riot” by Cock Sparrer is excellent but “Babylon’s Burning” originally by the Ruts doesn’t work and not being familiar with the song I can’t tell you if it’s a shitty version or just a shitty song.

Hopefully this EP is just a filler and the band are keeping the good stuff under raps tills the next full length.

July 2002

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