Rick Barton and the Shadow Blasters: An American Rock Song

Guitarist, Rick Barton was a founding member of the Dropkick Murphys and songwriting partner to Ken Casey. Rick departed the DKM’s before the sessions to “Sing Loud, Sing Proud” because of his inability to strike a balance between being in a touring band, owning his own business and responsibilities to his family (a difficult balance for anyone). Fortunately the DKM’s survived the departure for Barton and I’m glad to report Barton survived the departure of the DKM’s.
“An American Rock Song” is a great Punk’n’Roll album, with influences from the Cult (think Billy Duffy’s guitars on Electric), Social Distortion and Bruce Springsteen’s darkest period Nebraska. Powerful guitar driven catchy Rock’n’Roll with deeply personal lyric’s that beg for forgiveness for past mistakes, redemption and rebirth. The Shadow Blasters are not a baby Dropkick’s but you’ll hear the influence that Barton had on the DKM sound. A fine CD that stands up on it’s own and out of the huge shadow cast by the Dropkicks. Highly recommended.

October 2002

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