Larkin: The Curse Of Our Fathers

Portland was frozen solid under a few inches of ice, and a few inches of snow. It doesn’t really happen that much around here, so you can imagine all the jackass drivers slamming into everything and everybody in sight. I thought about the last time it snowed, when I saw a Subaru 4×4 Outback with a full set of chains on bone dry pavement. I started laughing so hard, I swerved into oncoming traffic. I didn’t want to do that today, so I stayed home. (Not to mention, nobody else was going anywhere!) Sure enough, the world’s greatest postman drove by. I don’t know how, but he did. (must be a New Englander) I looked out the window just in time to watch him drop off a package that obviously contained a CD or two from some far corner of the world.

You know it’s shitty out, when you can’t even make it to your mailbox, and after a full half hour of falling on me arse in the ice & snow, I decided to bust out my old soccer cleats. That did the trick, trusty little fuckers…I opened my mail and found a demo from Larkin. I’d been waiting for this one, so I fired up the ol’ CD player and gave it a listen. At this point I didn’t give a damn about the weather…

“Holy shit!” I says aloud. Upon first listen, I was sure it was The Skels! Well maybe not, but Larkin sure sounds pretty damn close. The only thing missing is the banjo. I liked what I was hearing, and since it was about 10:30 in the morning, and I wasn’t going anywhere, I decided to pour myself a pint of the black stuff (no not coffee) and turn up the volume.

Larkin hails from Tulsa, “Tornado Alley” Oklahoma, and after listening a few tracks from these guys, it’s obvious they can tear it up, torando style! The band is named after Jim Larkin,( ) It’s a perfect mix of traditional Irish songs (rebel, drinking and ballads) and originals. The backgrounds of the six band members are extremely diverse. Ranging from punk, classical, blues, jazz, rock, to old-time music.

The album contains 13 tracks.

The traditional songs include:
A Nation Once Again
Join The British Army
Merry Poughboy
Come Out Ye Black & Tans

The originals:
The Curse Of Our Fathers
A Better Man I’ll Be
Island Of My Dreams
Anywhere Street
The Voice On The Wind

I highly recommend picking up this album. By the 4th or 5th song, It’s obvious these guys are for real! Also take note: Larkin’s currently writing new material for a new album. It’s going to be called “Reckoning” and S’nO’s favorite artist, Boz, will be drawing up the album’s artwork. It should be out sometime this summer, and I have to admit, I can’t wait.

December 2003

Review by Brian “Barnyard Hooligan” Gillespie (Wanna-be Weatherman)

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