Jackdaw: Jackdaw

You might remember a live review I did of Jackdaw a few months back, where basically I said I had heard them on CD, wasn’t that impressed and moved on. Live, Jackdaw kicked my ass big time so now it’s time to give the CD another spin and another listen. Two spins and I’m impressed, four and I’m hooked. This thing is as infectious as a hooker with SARS. Jackdaw play Stones, Who and especially early AC/DC (I’m talking about “High Voltage” and “Dirty Deeds”) inspired rock’n’roll and combine it with fiddle and Bagpipes and the lyrical imagery of the gritty, working class Irish-American enclave of South Buffalo, NY. Outstanding tracks include – Molly, Billy Brown, Hogjaw and Patrick Pearse’s – Mise Erie (I am Ireland.) An excellent CD and a still better live show if you get the chance.

March 2004

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