Hamell On Trial: Ed’s Not Dead – – – Hamell Comes Alive

The best way to describe Ed Hamell is a small sweaty bald guy pushing forty who plays his 1937 small-body Gibson acoustic guitar like a Tommy Gun. ‘Ed’s Not Dead – – – Hamell Comes Alive’ was recorded in Los Angeles last year when Ed opened for Ani DeFranco – just before his near fatal car crash (thankfully he’s recovered and is back on the road again). Live is the best way to experience Hamell On Trial and this CD really brings across the intensity of Ed’s live show – A one-man band armed with a battered acoustic playing it like you’ve never heard before, through a hugh Marshall Stack and telling tales of Pimps, Prostitutes, Junkies and life’s losers (plus a couple of sensitive numbers just to throw you), along with his between song banter and X-rated humor. This is Folk punk at its best with some great standup/spoken word thrown in for free – enough to make James Taylor have a heart attack. 16 tracks of acoustic intensity including a version Folson Prison Blues that will leave Mike Ness quaking in his fairy boots. Highly Recommended – my only disappointment is that Ed leaves out the Stevie Nicks story. Cat Steven’s this ain’t.

June 2001

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