Flogging Molly: Within a Mile From Home

Just like previous Flogging Molly releases, “Within A Mile From Home” grabs you by the bollocks, picks you up off the ground, and slams you hard against the wall with a sonic blast of fury that only those Molly Malone floggers could produce. Yes indeed, the latest FM release is here, and i’m already black & blue from the bruises. I’m sure you already know, but the first time you hear these guys, your jaw will drop, and your head will explode. That first listen is simply too much for the body to handle. You just have to buck up, and soak it in. It takes a few listening sessions just to describe them. “Within A Mile From Home” is no different than any other FM album. It does not disappoint. It WILL kick your ass, and you will love it.

“Within A Mile From Home” contains 15 tracks that in this reviewers opinion should be played from start to finish with no interruptions, and no excuses. You’ll enter the audio journey with determination, and you’ll exit with a sense of satisfaction only a handful of albums can deliver.”Within A Mile Of Home” is one of those albums. From the first track, “Screaming At A Wailing Wall”, to the final effort, “Don’t Let Me Die Still Wondering” It’s all there. From the euphoric laughter, to the bitter tears, and from the doubt, to the the unconditional love, that only the beauty of life can bring. Lead singer, Dave King, still has that desperation in his lyrics & his voice, but just not as raw and vulnerable as they were on the first album “Swagger”. These lyrics are fine tuned, and more calculated. Obviously, they were written by a proud soul who has seen the peaks, and the valleys of life, and doesn’t mind telling you about it.

Musically, Flogging Molly have grown since the last release. (Am I hearing Cajun and a little Appalachian in the mix?) They are still as tight as a broke Scotsman during tax season, and still as diverse as a refugee ship arriving at Ellis Island in the 19th century. Speaking of ships, nautical fans will enjoy tracks such as the pirate anthem, “The Seven Deadly Sins”, and “Queen Anne’s Revenge” with Nathen Maxwell (bass) up front with the vocals. There’s the ballads such as the tearful track, “The Spoken Wheel”, or “Whistles The Wind”, that’s sure to have you signing along with the chorus. I should also mention the kick ass track “To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh)” that was previously released on the latest Warped Tour 2004 Compilation. Then you’ve got yourself a duet on “Factory Girls” with Lucinda Williams sharing the microphone.

All in all, you can never tell people what the standout tracks are on a Flogging Molly album. Certain tracks affect people in different ways, but one things for sure, there’s always something for everyone on FM albums. (which can explain the crowds at their live shows.) Speaking of shows, I’m looking forward to the upcoming tour. I’m looking forward to sharing the Devil’s Dance Floor with fellow Flogging Molly fans from every walk of life. I’m looking forward to picking you up off the floor, only to have you return the favor. I’m looking forward to packing a pub full of chanting Flogging Molly fans. I’m looking forward sharing an evening with an amazing band that continues to amaze me with a new release every couple of years, and maybe that’s the riddle. To simply look forward to the next time Flogging Molly will grab you by the bollocks, pick you off the ground, and slam you hard against the wall with a sonic blast of fury that only Flogging Molly could produce. We’ve all felt it right? or is it just me? Hell, I dunno, what do I know? Cheers to ya!

Track listing:
Light of a Fading Star
Tobacco Island
The Wrong Company
Tomorrow Comes a Day to Soon
Queen Annes Revenge
The Wanderlust
Within a Mile of Home
The Spoken Wheel
With a Wonder and a Wild Desire
Don’t Let Me Die Still Wonderin’

July 2004

Review By “Barnacle” Brian Gillespie

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