Flogging Molly: Drunken Lullabies (Review 1)

The Pogues may be untouchable, but Flogging Molly is pretty damn close! As far as I am concerned, Flogging Molly is the BEST Celtic-Punk band out there right now. No Question! With “Drunken Lullabies” we get an album just as strong, and just as excellent as “Swagger.” The only thing missing with this one is the “Holy Shit!! Who are these guys!!” that we all said when we heard “Swagger” for the first time. Trust me, I still said “holy shit!!” when I put “Drunken Lullabies” on a couple of days ago! It has everything you would expect from a Flogging Molly album! From the thundering drums, to the tin whistle, from the spoons to the Uilleann pipes, it is ALL there.

Those of you who have the live album will be glad to know that “If I Ever Leave This World Alive” finally made it on this one. So did “Rebels Of The Sacred Heart,” a song the band has teased us with at the live shows last year. “Cruel Mistress” may be my favorite tracks on the album, but, I can’t justify picking and choosing, because every song on the album has me bouncing off the walls, spilling my Guinness everywhere.(at 7 am before work!) I am at a loss of words with this album, because it is so brilliant! Matt Hensley’s squeezebox skills even inspired me to jump on my old skateboard and try to relive old glory days…I fell on my arse and realized I can’t skate like Mr. Hensley, (the professional) does!!

The year is young, but, I think I already have my pick for album of the year in the imaginary celtic-folk-punk award show that takes place in my head each year. (I would be sitting next to the lovely Bridget, the fiddle player, of course!)


April 2002

By Brian Gillespie

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