Fiddler’s Green: NU Folk

Like Lady Godiva and Across the Border (both reviewed in Shite ‘n’ Onions) Fiddler’s Green is another of Germany’s well-kept secrets in the realm of folk-rock and Celtic-rock. Having recorded steadily since 1992 NU FOLK is their ninth full-length album and is characterized by (what’s become their formula of) cleverly recreating traditional pieces coupled with infectious original alterna-folk-pop songs in a manner like Great Big Sea. Unlike the previous two German bands listed, Fiddler’s Green’s music is much more polished, as is their CD packaging. Very slick indeed. I’ve always preferred their treatment of traditional material and on NU FOLK there are several such songs to choose from. Among the best are “Tarry Trousers” which employs an Eastern meets hard rock vibe and “Johnson Boys/Cotton-Eyed Joe,” two American folk songs given new life courtesy of this group from Erlangen. Curious readers are well advised to also listen to Fiddler’s Green’s first three albums FIDDLER’S GREEN (1992), BLACK SHEEP (1993) and KING SHEPHERD (1995) for a delightful trio of punk, ska and Celtic infused folk-rock recordings.

Review By Dave Sleger

March 2004

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