Dropkick Murphys: Live on St. Patrick’s Day

I know a lot of folks don’t enjoy live albums very much. (Myself included!) They are usually bland, and lacking the quality of the studio versions, but this is an exception. This album was recorded during the St. Patrick’s Day Weekend 2002, in Boston, of all places! So you know it’s gonna be loud & rowdy! With a total of 26 tracks, and about 74 mins long. It starts out with the Boston Police Gaelic Column marching from the Broadway Bridge, down W. Broadway, along Dorchester Street, and into the concert at The Avalon Ballroom, where the Dropkick Murphys break into the song “For Boston”. As soon as I heard the opening, I knew I wished I was there! (Murph, wasn’t there either, so make sure you send him an e-mail, and talk a lot of shit!) In my own opinion, I think they have come a long way (and a lot of band members) since “The Singles Collection”. Not only is the actual recording top notch, but the music itself is pretty good too! (Only noticed one fuck-up throughout the whole recording!) My favorite tracks were “Boys On The Docks” and “A Few Good Men” (sounds brilliant with blue-collar Boston singing in the background!) The Boston Choir also joins in on “Curse Of A Fallen Soul”. On “Forever” we get a marriage proposal on stage from a very nervous guy named Eric, and a very happy “Yes” from a lass named Gillian. (Ken Casey points out that it was a good thing she said yes, because the show was being filmed for DVD, and he could have been one embarrassed prick!) You gotta love the “Spicy McHaggis Jig” especially with a stage full of ladies dancing! “The Wild Rover” sounded good, along with the CCR cover “Fortunate Son” On the song “Nutty- Bruins Theme” the boys get some classic hockey fights up on the big screen. (Bob Probert, anyone?) A damn fine album, even if it’s live. Oh yeah, for anyone familiar with a DKM concert, there are no bonus points for guessing which song they played last!
Sean Holland will be reviewing the DVD version of this concert again, in a future issue. (and like usual, his review will be more professional than my “Sasquatch-style” sentence structures, that I always try and pass off as a quality reviews!) The next studio album will be in stores early spring 2003, my guess is March 17th.

October 2002

Review By Brian “Bigfoot” Gillespie


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