Darkbuster V’s Tommy & the Terrors: Split (CD)

Darkbuster (5 tracks)
This is Darkbuster’s swansong (very Led Zeppelin eh?), who have sadly split up after their Middle East show last month. This is fast catchy Budweiser soaked party punk with balls. A little mellower then live; more a pub punk feel especially on “Good Times” with its boozy barroom chorus, also check out the bastardization of “Danny Boy”, where Danny moves to London and ends up on the skids.

Tommy & the Terrors (4 tracks)
First off apologies to T. & the T., last month I claimed they were now a four piece in my live review; actually Mike is now playing guitar and a new bass player has joined – must have been real drunk guys. T. & the T. play “Yobcore”; a cross between Oi, Street Punk with a good dose of old school Boston hardcore played with the f**k you attitude of a soccer hooligan. With the exception of the Oi-ish “Washed Up” with its fluid guitar playing the T. & the T. songs on offer here are tipping the needle towards the hardcore end of the scale. Defiantly music for those with more extreme taste.

September 2001

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